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As you may remember, Rebuild Potrero in collaboration with the Community Building Group, Potrero Terrace and Annex residents, the San Francisco Housing Authority and the Mayor’s Office of Housing, applied to HUD for a Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant in May, 2012. Many of you collaborated on the grant application.

Today the Mayor announced that the South Potrero neighborhood has been selected as a recipient of a $300,000 Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant!!!

This highly competitive Planning Grant will allow us to create a cohesive Potrero Community Transformation Plan, concentrating specifically on education, health, safety, employment and family services for not only Potrero Terrace and Annex residents, but for the larger community as well. We have spent years creating a master plan focused primarily on the physical environment, this will allow us to focus on the social environment.

As Shaun Donovan, the Secretary of HUD, announced yesterday:

“While many of these grantees have already collaborated to get to this stage, this funding enables them to take their initial discussions further to plan out strategies to build stronger, more sustainable communities that will address distressed housing, failing schools, rampant crime, and all that plagues the nation’s poor neighborhoods. HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative represents the next generation in a movement toward revitalizing entire neighborhoods to improve the lives of the residents who live there.”

The creation of the Potrero Community Transformation Plan will occur over the next two years.  There will be many opportunities for Potrero residents, community members and stakeholders to be involved.  Please stay tuned for additional information and meetings.

Congratulations Potrero!

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