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When will construction start?

We are not certain how long it will take to start construction on the first buildings, but given the need to design individual buildings, obtain building permits and identify financing sources, we expect construction to start no earlier than late 2015.

Will you replace all public housing units?

Yes. One of the guiding principles of the HOPE SF program is to replace all of the existing public housing units. In the case of Potrero, all 606 existing units will be rebuilt to provide housing for public housing residents.

Will all residents be able to move back after redevelopment?

The HOPE SF program provides that residents who are not in the process of being evicted have the right to move into the new housing.

What type of housing is being proposed?

The proposed master plan anticipates that, in addition to the replacement public housing units, there will be a combination of market rate for-sale homes, affordable for-sale homes, and additional affordable rental homes. The mix of these housing types has yet to be finalized but it is expected that approximately 65% of the new housing will be affordable and that 35% will be sold or rented at market rates. In addition to the residential components, open space and community facilities will also be constructed.

Will residents have a say in what is developed in their communities?

Yes. One of the guiding principles of the HOPE SF program is to involve residents at the highest levels of participation throughout the development process. We have engaged, and will continue to engage residents regarding both the physical elements of the development (the bricks and sticks) as well as the social components (i.e., services, leadership training, job training, etc.).

When will residents be relocated?

Relocation will not begin until 6 to 12 months prior to starting construction of the first buildings. Just as residents are involved throughout the site planning process, residents will be involved in the relocation plan and will help BRIDGE determine the timing and details of relocation.

How do I get involved?

The environmental and land use review process will provide a number of opportunities for community review and input. We will also continue to meet with the community to answer questions about the proposed plan as well as solicit input as we begin the design of individual buildings. Finally, there are ongoing efforts to strengthen connections within the community (organized by our Community Building Group). See Upcoming Events for dates, times and meeting locations. We welcome your participation in these efforts.

How do I get added to the email list?

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email us at Please be sure to provide us with your name, phone number and mailing address. You can also continue to check our website for updates on the progress of the development and information about upcoming meetings.

Will residents be able to get jobs through the rebuilding effort?

Yes. A key objective of the HOPE SF program is to create viable employment opportunities for residents throughout the development process, including contracting opportunities for existing residents, local entrepreneurs, and small and disadvantaged businesses. Job training programs, such as City Build, are a critical resource to help prepare residents to qualify for these, as well as other, employment opportunities in and around San Francisco. Through these programs, residents can develop the skills and experience that are needed to take advantage of available employment opportunities. These job training programs, and the employment opportunities created by the redevelopment process, will provide avenues for residents to achieve positive, long-term career success; a key goal of HOPE SF.