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BRIDGE has been working with Potrero Hill residents, members of the Community Building Group and existing community-based organizations on a variety of activities and projects. Though BRIDGE is not a service provider, three full-time staff are working with community leaders and organizations to increase their capacity to serve residents and increase resident involvement in existing programs. Below are a few of the existing programs and projects already underway.

The Healthy Living Program was developed to increase awareness among residents about healthy living and to provide tangible opportunities for instituting healthier lifestyles through exercise, nutrition and exposure to nature. Below are brief description of the activities and initiatives that make up this program.

  • A Walking Club that meets three times every week: Monday at 2:00pm (except 1st Mondays of each month at 10:30am), Thursday at 10am, and Friday at 1pm to walk a 30-minute loop in the housing development providing a visible example of healthy activities, exercise and fun.
  • With two community gardens on-site at Potrero, the Community Garden program offers residents the opportunity to visit a small onsite garden to harvest fruits and vegetables and barrel gardens allow residents to garden at their doorstep. Family workdays, children’s workshops, gardening classes, and the Garden Apprenticeship position offer education programs as well as job opportunities.
    Family Garden Workdays: Tuesday at 10am-12pm and Saturday at 12pm-3pm
    Kids Garden Workshop: 1st Saturdays each month at 11am-12pm
    Gardening Class: 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month at 11am
  • Twice a week ZUMBA class at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House.  Free Zumba classes are now being held at the NABE every Monday and Wednesday, 6:00 – 7:00 pm.
  • The monthly Healthy Living Workshops every third Friday 10-11:30am offer a cooking class to learn a new, healthy recipe along with an educational lesson on eating and living healthy.
  • Twice a week Meditation class at 5 Watchman Way. Free meditation sessions are offered every Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00 – 4:00 pm.
  • Weekly sober living support group. The support group is held at 1095 Connecticut Street every Friday 4:00 – 5:00pm.
  • The Healthy Generations Project is a peer-to-peer program focused on protecting the developmental health of children ages 0-5 by providing parent workshops, parent/child activities, and daily walking school buses to Starr King Elementary School and Daniel Webster Elementary School. The Healthy Generations Project aims to help children build resiliency to Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • In summer 2014, Leah’s Pantry and BRIDGE Housing launched a new innovative cooking project called Feeding Potrero. Through a rigorous orientation and interview process, Leah’s Pantry and BRIDGE identified five Potrero Terrace and Annex residents to work as a Healthy Catering Team. This team is being trained to prepare and cater weekly dinners for the Healthy Generations Project (HGP). The catering team presents the meal to families that participate in HGP’s Wednesday night activity and explains why the foods were chosen and the health benefits of each dish. The catering team is also responsible for creating the meals, collecting feedback, and learning the nutrition behind the healthy foods.

Other initiatives have included an Oral History project in partnership with the Potrero Hill Archives Project and BAYCAT culminating in a video on the history of Potrero Hill public housing (see below) and a Dream Box project encouraging all members of the community to write down their wishes and dreams for the community and place them in boxes located throughout the neighborhood. Hundreds of dreams have been collected so far and printed on vinyl banners that will be installed in the new development.

Potrero Hill – In Focus from BAYCAT on Vimeo.