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An essential element of HOPE SF and Rebuild Potrero is a Community Building Initiative to ensure ongoing resident involvement in all aspects of the change process.  The Rebuild Potrero Community Building Initiative has been underway since 2009 with the goal of building the capacity of residents to improve their quality of life and effect positive change in their community.  The implementation of the Community Building Initiative has involved residents at every step.

The Rebuild Potrero Community Building Initiative uses a new approach to community building entitled Trauma Informed Community Building (TICB). This model of community building recognizes the current conditions facing residents in Potrero Terrace and Annex and provides opportunities to de-escalate their chaos and stress, build social cohesion and lay the foundation for sustained individual and community change.  More information about TICB can be found HERE .

The Rebuild Potrero Community Building Initiative provides daily community-building activities throughout South Potrero. All activities are free and open to the entire community.  These activities grew incrementally over time through resident demand and sustained participation levels

These activities include:

  • Potrero Healthy Living Program: Walking club three times a week, Zumba class twice a week, a monthly healthy living cooking workshop, meditation classes twice a week, and a weekly sober living support group.
  • Potrero Garden Program: Two community gardens with family garden workdays twice a week, an apprentice jobs program, monthly children workdays, and adult gardening classes.
  • Healthy Generations Project: A peer-to-peer program focused on protecting the developmental health of children ages 0-5 by providing parent workshops, parent/child activities, and daily walking school buses to Starr King Elementary School and Daniel Webster Elementary School.  The Healthy Generation Project aims to help children build resiliency to Adverse Childhood Experiences.
  • Rebuild Potrero Community Building Group: Every other month, residents, community members, and Potrero stakeholders come together to share in a meal, celebrate community building successes, and provide input into the Rebuild Potrero Transformation Plan.  The group helps bridge the divide between the two Potrero slopes and increase South Potrero’s social capital.

  • Unite Potrero Community-Wide Events:  Several times a year, community wide events are held to bring the diverse communities of Potrero together for shared positive experience and to build a sense of understanding and social cohesion.  The community events are organized and implemented by event committees consisting of public housing residents, South and North Potrero community members, and other Potrero stakeholders.