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In 2008, BRIDGE Housing Corporation was selected to lead the redevelopment effort of Potrero Terrace and Annex (“Potrero”), 606 units of public housing located along a steep ridge at the southern edge of San Francisco’s Potrero Hill. The 38-acre developments, built in two phases, the first in 1941 and second in 1955, are home to approximately 1,300 people. Rebuild Potrero is part of San Francisco’s HOPE SF program, a partnership between the Mayor’s Office of Housing and the San Francisco Housing Authority aimed at revitalizing distressed public housing developments.

Rebuild Potrero is a comprehensive revitalization effort to rebuild 606 units of distressed public housing and create another 1,000 new homes with a range of affordability, community facilities, open space, and social networks and services to improve the lives of current and future generations in the South Potrero neighborhood of San Francisco. When completed Rebuild Potrero will redevelop Potrero Terrace and Annex (PTA) public housing sites into a diverse, integrated new neighborhood; connect the South slope of Potrero Hill into the greater Potrero Hill and San Francisco community; and improve social outcomes for public housing residents and families

The proposed master plan vision is to connect the housing development with surrounding streets, open spaces and community. The new neighborhood will include a diverse mix of uses and open spaces complete with a new community core on the south side of Potrero Hill. A variety of housing types with a range of affordability will include one-for-one replacement of public housing, additional affordable rental and senior housing and market rate for-sale and rental homes. The project will be built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) standards.

Working with various city departments and non-profit partners, Rebuild Potrero will support lower income families as they strive for self-sufficiency by offering residents a comprehensive array of supportive services, such as job training, job placement, substance abuse treatment, education, summer programs, day care, and more.

For more details about the Rebuild Potrero Master Plan, click HERE.