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Rebuild Potrero is a community-based and community-centered vision for the South Potrero neighborhood.  It is a comprehensive redevelopment effort that has involved residents, community members and other Potrero stakeholders in creating strategies to not only improve the physical environment but also strategies to improve social outcomes for current and future families of South Potrero.

The physical Master Plan for Rebuild Potrero will reorient the streets of the Potrero Terrace and Annex housing sites to connect to the street grid, infrastructure, and transportation network of the City, and will improve access to the physical assets in the community such as the local schools, parks, Potrero Recreation Center, and Potrero Hill Neighborhood House.  The Master Plan process involved extensive outreach to the residents of Potrero Terrace and Annex as well as the larger community. Through dozens of workshops, bus tours and presentations to neighborhood organizations, the Rebuild Potrero team sought to learn from the community as well as to educate on issues such as principles of good urban design (e.g., defensible space) and sustainability.

Through the master planning process, Potrero Terrace and Annex residents identified the following six overarching goals:

      1. Create a Safe, Secure Community
      2. Create a Healthy/Green/Sustainable Community
      3. Provide Well-Designed and Well Managed Housing
      4. Provide Well-Designed Community Services and Usable Open Spaces
      5. Preserve Potrero’s Positive Attributes: Places and Views
      6. Build A Strong Community

Rebuild Potrero also includes the implementation of an extensive Community Building Initiative that uses a Trauma Informed Community Building Model described further HERE and the PARADISE Plan, a plan for comprehensive programs and services, to meet the complex needs of public housing families.