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Potrero Annex and Terrace (Potrero) Residences were built in two phases after World War II. The Terrace was built in 1941 and the Annex in 1955. Reflecting the architecture of the time, 60 rectangular buildings were built on top of "benches" cut out of the steep slopes which give the Potrero neighborhood its beauty. The street configuration for this construction was a dramatic departure from San Francisco's traditional street grids, creating neighborhoods that were physically and socially isolated from the remainder of residences on Potrero Hill and the City.


In 2005, an assessment of the City's public housing revealed that the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) needed to invest at minimum $267 million to renovate all of San Francisco's distressed public housing including Potrero. A diverse task force of residents, and civic and business leaders convened by Mayor Gavin Newsom and District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell created a set of principles that successfully transitioned into HOPE SF, a partnership between the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) and the SFHA. In 2008, BRIDGE Housing Corporation was selected to lead the rebuilding effort at Potrero.


Charged by HOPE SF to create a thriving mixed-income community, BRIDGE Housing and its design team led by architecture firm Van Meter Williams Pollack, presented and received approval from MOHCD of a master plan and design. The design includes replacement of all existing public housing buildings while integrating new affordable and market rate homes.

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